Divorce Mediation

No one enters a marriage thinking it will end in divorce, but for 50% of all first-time marriages, divorce is the end result. That said, divorce does not have to be an ugly, cost-prohibitive process. Some couples are able to reach an agreement on their own. For those who would prefer to attempt to amicably reach a fair and reasonable settlement for both parties, but are unable to agree on the details of the Separation Agreement on their own, divorce mediation can prove to be a less stressful and highly cost-effective alternative. Divorce mediation helps you and your spouse reach an agreement in a neutral and non-judgmental environment, while keeping the final outcome in your hands.

Attorney Karen Lane can help you and your spouse work together towards addressing the issues dividing the parties—to get to the real heart of the matter—so that you can reach an agreement. As a certified divorce mediator, she can help take the emotional volatility out of the issues, breaking them down into pieces you can resolve one at a time.

Divorce Mediator

A mediator is a neutral party who helps you and your spouse reach an agreement either on issues related to Temporary Orders or on the final terms of a Separation Agreement. The mediator does not make decisions or impose his/her will on you. If your divorce goes all the way to trial the judge makes a decision and you are forced to live with it. A judgment often results in an outcome with which neither spouse is happy.

Like a judge, the mediator is neutral party who does not represent or work for either spouse. Unlike a judge, the mediator’s goal is to help you come to an agreement and encourage open discussion of the issues. A mediator may also present ideas to help you work toward an outcome that you can both live with.

However, if mediation is not working for you, you can choose not to continue with it without consequences.

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