Elder Law

Elder law covers a wide range of legal issues pertaining to senior citizens and their loved ones. All too often, these issues are not addressed until an older loved one can no longer make decisions on their own and the children and other family members are left to sort it out. Whether you are facing conflict between family members or simply need to resolve the legal and financial matters which arise at this time, or if you want to plan for your own future so that your loved ones are not burdened with difficult decisions, elder law attorney Karen Lane is here to help.

Elder Mediation

Disputes concerning aging parents can tear families apart. When it becomes necessary for family members to take over decision making for an aging adult who can no longer make decisions on their own, years of deep-rooted and very personal issues can come to the surface. Caregivers are often strained to their physical and emotional limit, and feel that they are not receiving the help and support they need.

Litigation is expensive, time-consuming, and painful for everyone involved. Elder mediation gives families a chance to work out their disagreements and come to a compromise that makes everyone happy and that is in the best interest of the aging loved one in question. An elder law mediator acts as a neutral party, helping families come to an agreement without advocating for a specific family member.

In mediation, each family member can voice their concerns and opinions. The mediator helps family members identify the issues on which they already agree, determine what is at the heart of remaining disagreements, and find solutions that satisfy everyone involved.
Elder Law attorney Karen D. Lane has over 30 years of personal real-life expereince and 14 years professional experience with elder law and family conflict resolution, and is dedicated to helping families find positive resolutions to family disputes through elder family mediation. To learn more, please call attorney Karen Lane at 508-655-5513 or contact her online today to schedule your free initial consultation.

Long Term Care and Medicaid/MassHealth Planning

A health crisis or the need for long-term care in a nursing home, assisted living facility, or at home with home healthcare, can quickly wipe out everything you have worked so hard to accumulate for yourself and your loved ones. Planning in advance for MassHealth, Massachusetts’ Medicaid program, can protect your assets and your loved ones’ inheritance.
The best strategy is to plan well in advance, and if you are in a position to do so, you should. Most often, families seek legal help when they are in crisis and afraid of losing everything. If that is your situation, rest assured, there are still legal means to protect your property and assets.

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